During his career, Glen Sartain has held the following positions:

VP/Managing Partner of Industry Consulting: Teradata

Glen led the Industry Consulting organization for all areas of Manufacturing including Auto/Industrial, Aerospace/Defense, Consumer Package Goods, High Tech Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Mining/Minerals. There is a team of 27 diverse individuals who are Subject Matter Experts in the individual sub-vertical industries who focus on driving business value solutions to the pre-sales organization.

Glen’s specific responsibilities included; being a member of the Manufacturing Leadership Team (LT), managing the strategy for growing the consulting practice, building and developing superior talent, communicating strategies and information to the entire manufacturing organization, educating and deploying strategies for growth initiatives.

Director of Oil & Gas/High Tech Consulting: Teradata Corporation

As the Director of Oil & Gas/High Tech Consulting, Glen was responsible for utilizing industry SME’s to build professional services consulting and leverage sales and business development activities within the O&G and High Tech sub-verticals of Manufacturing in Teradata.


Oil and Gas was a “greenfield” for Teradata and the practice was built from scratch starting in 2008. The business requirements of the industry have been translated into the creation of new lead offers and services to meet the global needs of the client base and help built IT strategies. This has resulted in closing of sales in major IOC’s globally and successfully penetrating the downstream sector of the industry. Current project and outlook objectives show a significant growth path for this sub-vertical.

Glen also worked with the global organization (EMEA, APAC, Americas) to align business unit offerings that drive growth and change to meet the stated corporate objectives.

High Tech is an established practice with aggressive growth initiatives and a strong track record. I was called upon in late 2011 to take leadership of and realign the objectives of the industry consulting practice with the sales and delivery (PS) organizations. This initiative has been successful in leading the individual consultants in the IC organization to align to prospect and client accounts, add significant value to the sales process, and establish the plan to achieve their billable objectives. This position also includes personally integrating with the sales account team at a major computer manufacturer to drive multi-million dollar sales initiatives in 2012.

Managing Director of Technology: CIMA Energy LTD

As Managing Director of Information Technology for this mid-level Oil & Gas company, I was responsible for directing the effort in building the information management strategy including hardware, software systems and business processes to help meet the needs of the internal customers as well as the external customers.

Glen specific job responsibilities included: mapping of information flow to utilize current technologies, redefining business processes, overseeing of project managers for the re-writing of business applications and working with the CFO for strategic technology advances.

Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing: Energy Solutions International

As executive vice president of Energy Solutions International, Glen was responsible for development of strategic corporate business relationships and actively involved in internally connecting the multiple products and services of ESI to the corporate portfolio. Glen managed the business development, marketing and sales groups of ESI in the role previously maintained for the past six years as president of Energy Solutions, Inc. He was also responsible for strategic business process development in North America and targeted international locales.

Glen was located overseas for major pipeline management projects in Germany, Singapore, and Indonesia where he and his team successfully implemented business process strategies within a major vertical market within energy to deliver outstanding services portfolio to the client base.

President and CEO: Energy Solutions, Inc.

As president and founder of Energy Solutions, Inc. Glen was responsible for the implementation of strategic business plans, business development and high level supervision of all company projects related to company growth initiatives. Glen served as a manager in a proactive team environment which included 2 senior level supervisors and a staff of 28.

The company, Energy Solutions was one of four major software vendors within the oil & gas industry which targeted the growing energy marketing segment by offering systems designed to manage the flow of crude oil and natural gas from the upstream production of product all the way through the end user marketing. With Energy Solutions, Glen worked with major client E&P firms such as Mobil, Marathon, Texaco, Unocal, Conoco and Phillips Petroleum.

Overall his job responsibilities included; financial management of corporation, strategic vision for growth, sales & marketing direction and collateral, etc.